Interactive, intuitive, customized. Deliver valuable new insights for optimization of your petroleum reserves with this unique module.

Part of the R3 Software Suite from OGRE Systems

R3+ Visual Analytics is a powerful tool that leverages critical information such as resources data, economics reserves data, production

forecasts and economic analysis with key external data sources like GIS and E&P databases.  

Visualize your Economic and Reserve Number

R3 Visual Analytics will convert your Reserve and Economic dataset into intuitive and storytelling board. Add value to your data, no more boring numbers.

Deliver valuable New insights

On top of your reserve and economics data, combine with key external database, GIS (Shapefile), to deliver valuable new insights for optimization of your assets.

Automate the workflow

Automate data collection, preparation, and cleansing from different sources; Populate different metrics of dashboard in Reserve and Economics; Provide insights with interactive actions in a user-friendly environment.


Product Features


Transform your reserves and economics numbers along with customizable GIS into interactive, story-telling executive dashboard.


Frustrated building reliable Type Well Profiles/Curves? Try the R3 Visual Analytics 1-stop for all TWP storyboard for data preparation, cleansing and generating.

Production Performance Storyboard

Executive Production Performance Storyboards from Project to well level, let you quickly understand the potential of your assets

Reserve Based Loan Storyboard

Interactive Reserve Based Loan storyboard provides reliable tools to deliver the reasonable certainty in the Risk analysis

Economic Analysis Storyboard

Advanced Reserve and Economic Evaluation Reporting Storyboard. Perform what-if analysis with clicks away, no need to re-run the economic model anymore!


Discover R3, the world’s most reliable and efficient petroleum economics software: Modular approach

R3 Economics

R3 Economics is the core product of our modular based system. This industry-leading oil and reserves asset manager delivers production forecasting, and the financial information essential for risk analysis and optimizing cash-flow from drilling programs. SEE MORE


R3 Resources to Reserves (R2R) includes all the functionality of R3 Economics, plus a full suite of tools for integration of your geologic, geophysical, and well log information; to create structure maps, volumes (P1, P2, P3) and initial drilling programs. SEE MORE


R3 Professional is our fully-integrated platform for users to perform evaluation, analysis and management of reserves economics. This solution is flexible, customizable and is focused on the client’s workflow. Rapidly access the opportunity and collaborate easily with this first-choice engineering solution. SEE MORE

Model Builder

R3+ Model Builder empowers our users to build their own fiscal regimes model or migrate the current solutions from conventional sources, such as Excel. A content-rich Fiscal Regime library, including PSC, Corporate Income Tax, Royalty Tax, concession, service contract and more. SEE MORE

Visual Analytics

R3+ Visual Analytics helps automate workflow through data collection, preparation, and by populating different metrics or KPIs onto the dashboard. Easily and intuitively provide insights with interactive query, sort, and forecast capabilities. SEE MORE


R3+ Volumetrics specializes in volumetric well planning; allowing you to calculate in-place volumes of target gas and map drilling plans over time. Generate planned well production forecasts and ensure maximum revenue generation from your valuable assets. SEE MORE

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