Introducing Dato’ Jalil Muhamad – CEO of our newest Reseller- Richgeo Ventures (Malaysia & SEA)

We are excited to introduce our new Southeast Asia partner, Richgeo Ventures (RGV); Malaysia’s leading oil and gas consulting organization. For insight into this exclusive partnership and a personal introduction – please read our Q&A, below, with Dato’ Jalil Muhamad (CEO) who runs the company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; with an impressive 20-years industry experience.

What is your role within your organization?

I am managing director of the company with the main role as Business development consultant to our business partner who want to leverage their product presence in Malaysia, Indonesia , Thailand and SEA.

What industry experience can you bring to customers in your territory to enable them to achieve the best results, with their oil and gas reserves’ requirement?

My background is a Geologist with leadership experience as Subsurface Head for main OGSE company in Malaysia. I am holding the role for 12 years before start Richgeo Ventures in 2021. As a technical person, I am expert in sniffing what customer need and what they require in technical especially in Subsurface. My 20 year’s experience really help me to discover new opportunity and to understand what client demand. with experience leading more than 30 FDP/FFR/ Resource Assessment and Development project is the key for me to understand what R3 can be place in the overall LOF (Life of Field).

What are the biggest challenges that your customers face that will be overcome by the use of new technology, provided by OGRE Systems?

The biggest challenge is to bring the product across discipline. For example, to ensure Geologist to make use of Petroleum Economic Software. This is important because Geologist and Reservoir engineers need to make sure their asset is really shows commercial part of it.

Why is OGRE Systems the right fit as a partner for RGV?

We are subsurface company and all of OGRE software is used in our day to day work especially in Petroleum Economic part and to ensure our client’s assets is really feasible for commercialization.