R3 Visual Analytics: See our new features that will transform your data visualizations

As time becomes more critical to get a realistic picture of the future of your oil and gas wells’ potential, we are committed to provide you with the most efficient tools to automate your data visualization processes.

We would like to share some of our newest customizations from our data visualization AI technology, R3 Visual Analytics; providing clarity with risk and uncertainty analysis, during the exploration phase.

We are proud to share the latest demos, showcasing the increased value that R3 brings to our clients’ data sets using R3 Visual Analytics Software.

Watch our video to see the visualizations for the following features:

Multi-Layer support Mapping Storyboard
• Customizable background map, satellite, terrain, or even users’ own map
• Connect your Production Forecast database, check DCA, Reserves and Economics

Import Shapefile Geologic Map from shapefile
• Contour map, isopach map, import ESRI, GeoMap, Surfer, DoubleFox map via Shapefile
• Connect your exploration mapping workflow into Reserve Management and Economics Analysis

PUD Booking Dashboard
Time to book your PUDs? Need to visualize your next 5 years Drilling plan?

Try our informative, integrated, interactive dashboard that allow user to analysis drilling plan:

i) from geospatial perspective, where and when to drill;
ii) from Production forecast perspective, what will field summary forecast looks like, how to apply the type curve
iii) Economic perspective, if I drill the new wells, how will it impact my cashflow, etc.

Probabilistic Analysis: p-Value Dashboard per different Zone during Exploration
• Visualize resource and chance assessment, P10, P50 and P90 values.
• Understanding the risks during Prospects, Reserves evaluation
• Understanding the uncertainties of different volumes during Exploration