Guide to R3 Data In/Out

We make moving your oil and gas reserves economics data into and out of the R3 system, simple – with the Transfer Wizard.

To create decline curves, production data is needed. R3 imports directly from the major data vendors: IHS, Drilling Info, Lasser, and TGS. The import process will let you import as much or as little of the data available as you need or want. All of the Asset description info – field, county, location, etc. is available, plus the production data including test data & p/z data.

In addition, data can also be imported from other data bases such as SQL, MySQL, or Access. SQL or MySQL can also be used as primary databases for R3. These are recommended if using R3 in a multiuser environment. The Gateway feature of R3 can be used to create live links between R3 and other external databases.