Guide to the Annual Report tool

R3 Annual Report is a useful tool geared towards making corporate reporting easier and faster.

When companies need to generate corporate reports, whether they are annual filings, quarterly updates, or other government-required documents, it is a labor-intensive undertaking. There are typically a large number of assets to report on, and they are collected in different reserve class and categories, and have different statuses. Rollups or summaries are required at various levels, in specific orders. Often times data needs to be sorted in different ways for different parts of a report. Finally, any time last minute changes are made to the assets, this can cause entire sections of the report to change and need to be rewritten and validated.

3 Annual Report is an industry publishing tool that integrates with R3 Economics. Your up-to-date data is available to the program for inclusion in text reports, tables, forms, graphs and maps. After an initial setup by OGRE Systems, one click will execute the program and generate an entire annual report, or other document, with nothing more required of the user. An additional option is for users familiar with the program to build their own setup files.

When assets are changed, which they invariably do, only those assets and affected parent levels need to be rerun, and then one click regenerates a new, updated report. Sorting is handled independently based on how the user formats each section of the report template. Templates can be built for any reporting period, like quarterly or bi-annually, and for any report style whether it’s for public or internal use.